From Tweedy Family

We are so thankful the generous donations so far, it has put us in a privileged position of being able to help Conor achieve his dreams. 

We wish to thank and acknowledge each person who contributed in supporting us through this unexpected journey.

During the difficult first months it meant so much to be supported in so many ways from the Terrace and wider GPS, UQ and Rugby community.

Some of you know us well, while others we’ve never met donated generously purely from the kindness of heart and a wish to do something good in the world. We hope to continue to “pay it forward” and do our best to give back.

We appreciate our good fortune (threads of gold etc) to have been uplifted by such an incredible community through a difficult time.

We know what the future will have many challenges for Conor, but your donations will make a huge difference to his life opportunities.

That’s why, as we move on to focus on Conor’s last year of school and continuing rehab we will not be actively pursuing fundraising for the time being.

We appreciate that each donation and act of kindness involves a generous sacrifice from each person.

Please know that and your generosity and kindness will make a real difference to Conor’s chance in life and will never be forgotten.

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