Fundraising News

Conor’s Long Lunch was a hugely successful day, one we will never forget.

We are incredibly thankful to Kristin Esler and her troupe of energetic, efficient and incredibly generous ladies for laying the foundation for what was a fantastic coming together of community.

Of course, Conor was the focus and a lot of money was raised – last week Terrace School Principal Michael Carroll presented us with a cheque for nearly $270K!

However, in a very real sense, the afternoon / evening was so much bigger than that for us – the happy, compassionate and authentic nature of the occasion was phenomenally uplifting.

We know that many, many other people felt the same way, and the Terrace and extended community were an integral part of creating that atmosphere. 

We are incredibly grateful for the financial support we have received  to date. It has put us in a very privileged position to help Conor live his best life and achieve his goals.

Given this, and the fact that our main aim for this year is to help Conor successfully navigate Grade 12 while continuing to rehabilitate, we have decided that we will not be actively pursuing further fund-raining opportunities in 2019.

Thank you to each and every person who donated or supported Conor and the Tweedy family in any way. 

We know each donation and each act of kindness involves a sacrifice and your generosity and kindness will never be forgotten. 

Some people have been asking about how the donations will help Conor.

We are new at this, and at this stage we don’t know exactly how each dollar will be spent - but we can say that every single cent will go towards helping Conor achieve to his potential and make his way independently in the world.

Conor’s injury turned our life upside down. We currently face a very uncertain future and that will remain the case for some time.

We know that even with Conor’s continued progress it is increasingly likely that he will have significant, life-long challenges in relation to mobility, self-care, accommodation, education and employment.

Already the donations have allowed Bec to take time off work to shoulder much of the coordination and primary care-giving. 

While money can’t solve every issue it has put us in a position to manage better. For example, instead of being forced to make costly modifications to our old, inaccessible home in time for Conor’s hospital discharge, the funds raised have permitted us to move into wheelchair accessible units much closer to the school for the next 12 months,  and ensuring that, when we do modify a home, we’ll have a better idea of Conor’s needs.

Importantly the funds also provide us with possibilities to consider travelling for break-through medical treatments that are becoming available overseas.

The donations also ensure that  Conor will have high quality assistive devices and adapted sports equipment to study, work and follow his dreams.