Brave Fight

Conor was featured on Channel Nine News last night - showing the progress he has been making at the PA Spinal Unit.

He is working hard and improving his walking and transferring from bed to chair independently.

Conor’s dad Sean said it was a great start to the New Year, but there was still a long way to go.

“We hope he is going to keep in improving over these next twelve months,” said Sean

A lot of time in rehab is learning how to do things differently, for example learning to do things without the strong core strength he once had.

Conor says he enjoys the progress in the physio and gym sessions where he can stand up tall with a frame, but finds the OT sessions working on his hand and finger movements more challenging.

Conor says, “Walking is pretty impressive and looks good, but it’s not the only thing you need, there is other stuff I’m working on.”

One thing that surprised Conor’s family was how much he had grown in the six months since his accident.

“When Conor stood up for the first time we could see how much he had grown, he towered over me,” said older brother Seamus.