Back with team mates

Conor had quietly set a goal of making it back to Tennyson for the last home game of the season. He was greeted with great enthusiasm by his schoolmates and joined the tunnel and the school song for the 1st XV game with the players and supporters. It meant the world to Conor to be back with his team mates and part of the action.

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After a successful day at Tennyson Conor made it to Toowoomba for the final rugby game of the season.
It wasn’t how Conor had expected the season to end, but enjoyed the day and, as always, loved spending time with his mates.

conor at Toowoomba with team mates.jpg
conor at Toowoomba 1.jpg
Conor at Toowoomba 6.jpg
Conor at toowoomba 7.jpg