Progress Update I

It’s been two months since Conor’s injury and he continues to impress with slow but steady progress.

Practicing picking up Twisties

Practicing picking up Twisties

A big thing is improving muscle strength in his hands and fingers. Being able to use your hands is crucial for so many activities and general independence.

Although Conor can’t fully grip the occupational therapists are teaching him many “cheat” ways to pick up objects.

We are also pleased to see small movements beginning in his trunk and leg muscles. We are hopeful that over the next few months this may assist his function.

Catching and balancing tasks with the physios

Catching and balancing tasks with the physios

Conor’s core muscles has been impacted by the spinal injury. That means it is hard for him to sit up and balance.
This is a major goal in physiotherapy where Conor is training by catching balls and also playing computer games with movement like WII.

Conor trains in the gym every day with physiotherapists on range of movement, strength and getting into different body positions.

He spends an hour each day with occupational therapists working on fine motor tasks with his hands, such as picking up, putting down and using cutlery.

Conor’s schedule includes recreation therapy (learning all the sport and recreational options available to wheelchair users), psychology, social work, discussing and adjusting medications with the medical doctors and nursing staff.

School work is not forgotten, with a teacher visiting regularly making sure he keeps as up to date as possible with this studies.

Conor ready for first manual wheelchair.jpeg

Conor has been working hard learning to use a manual wheelchair and developing the shoulder and arms strength to push himself around.

Sitting in his wheelchair for a full day is still fairly physically demanding for Conor, so if the schedule permits, he will get back into bed for a bit before the most important part of the day starts – visits from his School friends (and relatives and family friends as well, but his school friends give him the biggest lift).

conor at Terrace Rugby.jpg