Four weeks ago..

Conor and Seamus.jpeg

My name is Seamus Tweedy, I’m the brother of Conor and have been tasked with filling you all in on his progress.
On Saturday at 1:10pm marked exactly four weeks since a rugby scrum collapsed and Conor broke his neck.
I was away at the time of the event but from those who were there, there has been a consistent theme to the recounting of the incident - Conor’s calm and polite nature.
He thanked the parents and paramedic’s involved as they carefully rolled him onto his back and even told the parent who took charge of the operation that he was “alright for a BBC dad.”
This attitude has typified how Conor has dealt with the past four weeks.
As anyone who has visited could attest to, Conor’s cheerfulness has been infectious.
Physically Conor is making slow but continuous progress.
He still has no movement from the bottom of his ribcage down and although he has no finger function he can move both his arms and has been taught to pick up objects using only the movement in his wrist.
Just yesterday he proudly showed us a flicker of movement in his right thumb.
He is also working with the Physios to sit up for longer each day.
The visits from friends keep his spirits up and all the messages of love and support that we have received is very heartening.
Our family is incredibly grateful for the support we have received. The generous donations make us more hopeful for Conor's future, and the words of support, gourmet meals and prayers have helped us through the difficult days. We will continue to keep you updated as things progress or follow Conor’s progress via this blog.
Love you all,
Seamus, on behalf of the Tweedy family.