Progress Update II

Conor continues to make small improvements in arm, finger and even some leg strength.

At this stage every improvement has the potential to makes a big difference to his quality of life and independence, but in order to capitalise on what his body is giving back to him, Conor will have to work really hard. Fortunately, Conor’s work ethic from a lifetime of playing sports helps him push on when the sessions are tough.

At physio he is working on his sitting balance and transferring from his wheelchair.

He can now push his wheelchair himself, although his mates help him up or down slopes. His Occupational Therapy involves improving fine motor skills such as using cutlery (he can now use a fork) and technology such as a laptop.

Conor has been able to attend some school activities including the Leadership Camp for next year’s grade 12s and his semi formal.


He is attending school one day a week for the rest of this term. He loves being back at Terrace and spending time with his mates.

His parents are hoping Conor’s spinal cord injury is associated with an upswing in study time and diligence next year!

Conor remains upbeat about his future and his main goal is return to Gregory Terrace for grade 12 in 2019.