Threads of Gold

Conor’s accident was a tragedy that shattered the vision of life which we had built for ourselves. It goes without saying that if there was any possible way to take away Conor’s tetraplegia and have him whole again we would take it in a heartbeat. However during even the darkest days there have been some undeniable “threads of gold”.

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How to help

Every donation goes toward Conor’s recovery, rehabilitation and equipment and will enable Conor to take advantage of new and developing clinical breakthroughs in neurostimulation and stem cell research, regardless of where in the world they occur.

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Conor's Long Lunch

Join us for Conor’s Long Lunch!
It’s going to be the party of the year - 1300 tickets sold already and more available!
Everyone is welcome to attend - book your table or individual tickets now!

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Progress Update I

Conor continues to impress his with his humour, balance and composure. In the face of still-uncertain physical outcomes, he remains hopeful of a good recovery but realistic enough to know that might not happen. From pushing his wheelchair to picking up twisties with his fingers, every improvement makes a difference.

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